Hello all.

Is it possible to display a scheduler with this grid, in which several cells can be connected with each other, e.g. color-coded and with a text going over several columns?

It should look something like this, if possible also as MultiLine. So for example:

Sample header
Lorem Ipsum Lorem Ipsum Lorem Ipsum


The grid I am currently using can be color coded across multiple columns, but cannot display text across multiple...

Thanks in advance for your answers.

An idea to try is the following:

1) Create row text cells starting from the 2nd column (set the DrawRowText property to True, RowTextStartCol to 2) and occupying the whole row height (set RowNormalCellHeight to 0).

2) Make these row text cells custom-drawn (set the CellType property to igCellCustomDraw) and draw your color blocks using API drawing functions (the CustomDrawCell event).