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I purchased the ActiveX grids 3 days ago and found the help file to be great and easy to follow. I have a form with 2 grids on it. A summary version with grouping and then the detail. I cannot get the events to fire off for summing the summary groupings or for editing data on the detail grid.

I would like to use the detail grids as an easy editing means of updating the underlying SQL data in the DB but obviously need the "after" events to trigger for this. The detail grid has columns 1,4,5 as COMBO and 16 as checkbox which are the fileds I would like to edit. Column 15 is hidden.  Event Firing.doc (176kb) downloaded 38 time(s).
I have attached a word doc with a screenshot of the form and grids populated and then my VBA code used to populate the girds.

Thanks in advance

Generally the AfterCommitEdit event of iGrid is used to update the underlying database after the user has changed the value of a field.

The iGrid_Samples.mdb file from the demo package contains a sample that demonstrates how to implement adjustable data binding in iGrid.

The iGrid main demo also contains some samples demonstrating several different techniques of doing that - see the Editing Databases sample group. They are written in VB6, but these ideas can be used in MS Access too.