I've been looking through the (many) options in iGrid.NET and can't seem to find a way to do this - I'm hoping someone can help me out.

Right now we use iGrid.NET in one of our VS projects, along with the MySQL .NET connector, and it's filled using the .FillWithData() command, which works fine. From time to time the main "Grid" is refreshed - for example, when we've changed some data and refreshed the MySQL server where the data's being pulled from. However, every time we "refill" the grid using FillWithData() again, it loses the position of the scrollbar and the sort order of the columns, which the users frequently change. We'd like to change it so that the sort order and scroll location are preserved.

I understand to get around this, I need to pull and temporarily store the values for which column the grid's been sorted by and the scrollbar's value, and then reapply them after the refresh takes place, but I can't seem to find HOW to access these values - can anyone shed any light on this please?

Many thanks,

iGrid's SortObject property provides you with the comprehensive info about the current sort order. In fact, it is a collection of the columns iGrid is sorted by.

iGrid.VScrollBar.Value returns the current position of the vertical scroll bar.