Hi everyone. We don't get to post here often, partly because for well over a year we've worked feverishly on a new product called the Slitheris Network Discovery . It's a new kind of IP scanner that's made to detect info about network devices without needing credentials of any kind. And because it's just been freshly delivered to the public, we wanted to show off what iGrid  can do in real-world apps, in the hope it gives others inspiration, new ideas or even helps new users decide on purchasing iGrid and other components. After all, the more licensed users, the more likely a product continues to be developed & supported.

We also can't stress strongly enough: We couldn't have even thought about doing this without iGrid or the dedication of the 10Tec team, adding new features and fixing issues some of us find lucky enough to encounter. It's one of the most important components of Slitheris and we take its stability for granted, day-in and day-out. If you're searching for the best data grid for Classic VB/Visual Basic 6, look no further. In our opinion it's the only grid we'd even consider.

The indicator grids inside the dark blue dashboard are all iGrid as well, and we have even more elaborate uses planned. Slitheris also makes heavy use of the free 10Tec image control  with iGrid to display and manage high-quality 32-bit icons, with transparency of course. Feedback is welcome even though we're only at v1.0, and we'd love to see what others have done.

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Slitheris Network Inventory 

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