Ole Grossklaus
We use iGrid to visualize our internal document flow. Invoices are scanned when they arrive and are managed in digital form. We deal with about 5000 invoices per month and manage the entire life cycle of the invoice based on iGrids (great) functionality. Thanks to Igor and his team for bulding iGrid 🙂


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Ole Grossklaus
Furthermore iGrid is used to visualize germany wide locations and actions we undertake at each location (actions that lead to an invoice mentioned in Topic 1).
The actions are captured using the Facility Services app (iPhone) avail in the app store. Data of the iPhone is transmited to the headoffice and displayed and managed in this application and is converted to an invoice.


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Ole Grossklaus
Data that is transmitted from an external source (iPhone/Android) sit's on an FTP import folder and needs to be hand picked. iGrid is used as a File/Folder browser for this purpose.


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Ole Grossklaus
Once the invoices are received we scan them in a heap of paper and separate them using Barcode Pages as separator pages. We use iGrid to preview thumbnails of the split invoices to confirm a correct split process. We use the custom draw feature of iGrid for that purpose.


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Ole Grossklaus
As an internal application portfolio management component with responsibilities, lifecycle information, release cycles, description and type-of application we use iGrid as well.


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Ole Grossklaus
in many of our modules we need data filtering as a multi selection list. We build an iGrid-based multi selection popup class that is populated with the data to be filtered and then act on the data using the selected rows of the iGrid popup list. A neat little handy feature and much more useful than the build in components of visual studio.


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Wow, that's a lot of different great uses for iGrid! I bet it feels great to be able to make custom solutions yourself without having to go "out of house".
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