Hi to all.

I have a large amount of data in iGrid that are displayed as groups depending on external selection. Everything works except when I start managing the filters, which also show the lines that should not be displayed with the current selection.
Is there an event I can manage so I do not show certain rows before the iGrid filter has effect?
It's not clear what exactly you want to do. Can you publish some screenshots and explain your problem with them?
I have many sources (in the example 2: Test1 and Test2)
Clicking on the first table I see the data in the second table correctly. All data (of both sources are in the table at start)

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If I click on filter I see Test1 and Test2 but I want see only Test1 if selected is Test1 (or Test2 if selected is Test2)...

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And if I click on Ok i see all data...

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I would like to be able to put only some values in the filter window and If I reset all filter filters return to the initial situation.

Is it a bit clearer now? how could I do?

Thank you
The filter box for a column must display only the values that are present in this column. If the filter box for the column 'Test name' contains 'Test1' and 'Test2', then they are present in the grid. May I ask you, do you populate the second grid from both data sources and make rows visible only for one data source by hiding the rows related to the data from the other data source?
Then I think we can't change AutoFilterManager to do what you need. The fact is that this component also hides unneeded rows by setting their Visible property to False. Mixing this functionality with your approach is not what we planned in our component.

Is it possible to redesign the logic of your app so that you will store only rows from one dataset in the bottom grid at a time?
I think is the only way!

Thanks anyway