In a scenario where you have multiple rows grouped together and only one of them can be checked I think it's more user friendly to have option buttons instead of checkboxes. Checkboxes usually indicates to the user that more than one selection can be made.

See the attached screenshot where I would like some grouped rows to have checkboxes and other option buttons.

Maybe you can implement a method called CellCheckStyle that lets you choose how the checkbox should be drawn. As a Checkbox or as an Option button.



I want option boxes.png

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I have thought about your idea. Even if we implemented the ability to change the style for check boxes so they could look like option buttons, this would be incomplete in a production control like iGrid. The other important thing we would need in this case is 'something' the developer could use to group several option buttons into one group - in which option buttons are checked/unchecked automatically when the user clicks them. I do understand that you can live only with the first part and implement the second part in code manually, but this is not acceptable for a good market product.

In any case, thank you for this excellent suggestion. I have remembered it and maybe we'll return to it in future updates of iGrid. If you need to implement this functionality in the current version of iGrid, I would recommend that you use special option button images to imitate option buttons in iGrid.