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New Posts InteractiveRowResizing Igrid VBA [IMPLEMENTED]2736
Automatic Rowsheight Igrid with VBA

New Posts Load/save grid cell values with formatting [REJECTED]2608
Copy formatting from one grid to another
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New Posts Custom button in a cell3832
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New Posts find and replace1508
find and replace in contextmenue with multiselction

New Posts Status bar, Title, Filters1659
Add a title and status bar. Enable filtering of the rows based on the column content.

New Posts Combo Box Fore and Back colours2570
Adding properties for forecolor and backcolor
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New Posts Hightlight a certain entry in a combo-list3819
How to implement headings within a combo-list

New Posts CellKey/CellTag [IMPLEMENTED]2830
Implementation of CellKey or/and CellTag property for every cell

New Posts Option button1716

New Posts ColHeaderFontBold, ColHeaderFontItalic1544
Implementation of ColHeaderFontBold and ColHeaderFontItalic property for individual columns?
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