I'm using iGrid.Net in Labview and sometimes I get an unhandled exception error message directly (exception that is not catched by Labview as it usually do with .NET exceptions).

In this project I use iGrid.Net only writing data into cells, changing the color of the cells and reading selected cells for other purposes, so nothing so complicated, but I get this exception in a part of the code where I don't call any iGrid.Net related method nor property, so it is really hard to understand what's wrong.

iGrid.NET is the only .NET code in this project, but in this same project there is implemented also igrid ActiveX 3.00 (I don't know if it can cause some issues but I don't think).

I attached the screenshot of the error message and the details taken from that window. Does anyone knows what should be the problem?

(Sorry for italian messages, but I'm Italian and I'm using an italian localized Windows 10)

Thank you

Exception message.png

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As I can judge by the stack trace, the problem occurs in iGrid.NET and it is related to mouse processing. Several times we saw how iGrid could behave improperly only because the hosting platform did not process the standard Windows messages correctly. Perhaps, this is the case.

However, to claim that the problem is in LabView, I'd like to see the source code you use to populate iGrid. If this code can be used to reproduce the problem in the WinForms environment in VS, then the problem is in our control and it must be fixed. Can you show us your source code for this problem grid?
Hi Igor,
thank you for your answer.

To give you the code I use to populate iGrid, what format do you need? Can I send you Labview code files ( *.vi), do you prefer code screenshots of labview code or do you need the sequence of methods and properties of the iGrid control used to populate it?

Thank you
Hi Igor,
with the informations you gave me I found a quick workaround.

I got the unhandled exception error message usually when I open a new window over an iGrid table (and it happened near always if i moved the mouse over iGrid while loading the new window).

So I set iGrid "enabled" property to False before the window opening and I reset it to True after the window is open, and at the time I don't get the unhandled exception anymore.