We are using the IGrid control in a com application. This application expects all of the windows events be sent to its build-in-control. We are using IGrid in place of the built-in control. The only problem we see is that the application expects events some events that its not getting. We believe iGrid is getting and then throwing away these events.. Were not sure if this is what’s occurring but this is our current working theory.

When we disable the iGrid control everything works as expected.

We see the class IGridMouse.cs and see it consuming events such as OnMouseWheel() and at the end it calls base.OnMouseWheel() but what if the message type it gets is not overwritten using a ONxxxxx() hander?

If iGrid does not process an OnXXXX event, then it should be passed to the default WndProc without any changes.

To understand what is wrong and whether the problem is in iGrid, we need a sample. Can you prepare a sample that demonstrates this issue?