I have a grid to collect numbers of single type (like 8,5)
If I write while editing a number with a point-comma (the one on the numeric keyboard) "8.5", it becomes 85. I tried to replace the "." with a "," in the beforecommitedit event but the grid removes the "." and shows me "85" before activating the event.
Can someone explain me how I can :
1. make the grid read the 8.5 and 8,5 in the same way like Excel
2. in which event I can catch and replace the "." with a ","
thank you
iGrid should convert the entered text value to the corresponding value of the data type of the current value stored in the cell. If it does not recognize "8.5" as a fractional value, then most likely the decimal separator in your regional settings is not ".".

If you want to process the entered text and provide the corresponding cell value yourself, iGrid allows you to do that in the BeforeCommitEdit event. The e.NewText parameter contains the text entered by the user. Process it and provide the value iGrid should store in the cell in the e.NewValue parameter.