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How to implement password character in the iGrid?
Pls advices.
You mean a property you can set for a cell to make it password-oriented, i.e. it will display a special password character instead of every real character both in display and edit mode, right?

If we talk about the built-in members, this isn't possible in the current version (3.0). Though, by the way, this feature is already in the full list of potential new features for the next version, iGrid.NET 4.0.

But you can do that manually using a little bit of code.

First, you need to replace the displayed text with a password character in the CellDynamicContents event.

Second, you should implement custom editing using the standard textbox control with the PasswordChar property set. An example of this can be found in our online Extra Samples library . See the 'TextBox Custom Editing' sample.


If you wish to discuss the implementation of this functionality in the next forthcoming version of iGrid.NET, you can always do that here or in direct email correspondence. We plan to have two properties - one for the whole iGrid, PasswordChar, and the other for the iGrid cell - most likely, a new flag like 'UsePasswordChar' in the iGCellTypeFlags enum.

We will be glad to know your personal opinion and the opinions of other forum user about that.
The ability to make a cell work as password editor was implemented in the v4.0. Use the iGCellTypeFlags.Password flag in the TypeFlags property for the required cells.

The default system password char is used, but you can specify your own one with the help of the iGrid.PasswordChar property.
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