Good Morning,
i try to explain
is possible create a fix row or other solution , with total or sum value of column (without group)
This row must remain fixed, if i scroll the grid (vertical), but when i scroll horizontal, must move in sync with colunm.

Thanks for help

iGrid ActiveX does not support frozen rows. Perhaps, the best way to implement what you need with iGrid is to add another grid with the same column structure below the main one and use it to display totals. To sync horizontal scrolling in both grids, use the ScrollBarPosChanged event. You may also want to hide the header in the bottom grid - this can be done by setting iGrid.Header.Visible to False.
You ha a sample of this , thans
Tell us what development environment you use.

If possible, post a picture of the grid you need.
I found in our private email correspondence that you had mentioned Microsoft Access 2016. I think, this is your development environment and I prepared a sample for it. The result looks like this (a screen from an UltraHD screen):

Footer for iGrid ActiveX.png

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The user can reorder and resize columns in the main top grid, and these changes are reflected in the bottom footer grid. Both grids are also scrolled together simultaneously.

The heart of this solution is the following event handler syncing the aforementioned changes in the grids:

Private Sub grdMain_ColHeaderEndDrag(ByVal lCol As Long, ByVal lColBefore As Long, bCancel As Boolean, ByVal bFrozenAreaChange As Boolean)
    grdFooter.ColPos(lCol) = lColBefore
End Sub

Private Sub grdMain_ColWidthChanging(ByVal lCol As Long, ByVal lWidth As Long)
    grdFooter.ColWidth(lCol) = lWidth
End Sub

Private Sub grdMain_ScrollBarPosChanged(ByVal eBar As Long, ByVal lValue As Long)
    If eBar = igScrollBarH Then
        grdFooter.HScrollBar.Value = lValue
    End If
End Sub

Private Sub grdMain_ScrollBarVisibilityChanged(ByVal eBar As Long, ByVal bVisible As Boolean)
    If eBar = igScrollBarV Then
        grdFooter.VScrollBar.DisplayMode = IIf(bVisible, igScrollBarDisplayAlways, igScrollBarDisplayNever)
    End If
End Sub

Note also the following two settings for the bottom footer grid that make them special:

grdFooter.Header.Visible = False
grdFooter.HScrollBar.DisplayMode = igScrollBarDisplayNever

Below is the full working sample:

  Grid_Footer_accdb.zip (24kb) downloaded 31 time(s).