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how can you change the Igrid rows height with the mousepointer?

That example InteractiveRowResizing with VB6 does not work with VBA.

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I tried to reimplement that VB6 sample for VBA. Here is what I got so far:

  Interactive row resizing.xlsm (26kb) downloaded 64 time(s).

The main problem was to change the cursor to 'SizeNS' to indicate that a row can be resized.

First I tried to use UserForm.MousePointer for that, but it does not work for ActiveX controls.

Then I played with the API SetCursor function, but I could not solve one problem: the mouse pointer is changed automatically back to the default arrow when we press the mouse button.

I also tried to use another API function, SetSystemCursor, but the result was even worse. Eventually I decided to use the SetCursor approach with the drawback described above. It seems, VBA with the UserForms package tries to set the mouse pointer to the default values in many cases when it is not required, and this prevents us from implementing our solution. If someone knows a robust way how to change the mouse pointer to a required icon inside ActiveX controls in VBA UserForms - let me know, and I'll amend my sample.
The ability to resize grid rows by dragging horizontal grid lines is now a built-in functionality of iGrid. The user can even double-click the grid line to automatically adjust the row height.

The feature was implemented in iGrid ActiveX 7.5 published on October 15th, 2020.