I noticed that the ECellType=igCellCheck is no longer available in version 5.0.
To render this type of cell, for all the column, in previous version i used:

LV.ColDefaultCell(0).eType = igCellCheck

now i receive the error:

'invalide procedure call or argument'

Is there an easy way to do the same thing in the new version?


iGrid 5.0 is supplied with a comprehensive list of changes - read the '10Tec iGrid ActiveX 5.0 - What's New in Release' PDF. You can find it in the demo installation or online on our website:


The document contains a guide which will help you to upgrade your code from the v4 to v5, including the new cell check box system.

In a nutshell, now any cell can display the check box [in addition to the standard contents such as text and icons - if you need that]. You can turn this on for a particular cell using the new Boolean CellCheckVisible property. Other properties, such as CellCheckPos and CellCheckState, are used to specify the check box position and read/set its state.
TY it's even easier!