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I am currently evaluating iGrid ActiveX for a project based on Microsoft Access 2010 because it looks very promising.
Unfortunately, I encountered some weird behaviour of iGrid that was quite hard to localize.

What I did:
I created a form with an iGrid ActiveX component on it. Every iGrid event I trigger (e.g. sorting columns or changing column order) causes an error.

After I have spent a couple of hours to fix the problem I have finally set up a new development environment.
My conclusion: the problem occurs as soon as the ‘Skype Outlook Toolbar Add-in’ is installed on the machine. Thenceforward, iGrid was not able to handle its events anymore (see error message below).

Translation of german error message using Microsoft Translator:

You have entered the expression ‘RequestEdit’ as a setting for the event property. This expression has caused an error: Error when attempting to load an ActiveX control in one of your forms or one of your reports.

  • Expression probably neither returns the name of a macro nor the name of a user-defined function, nor [event procedure].

  • An error occurred when evaluating a function, an event, or a macro.

This error occurs when an event could not be performed, because the location of the logic for the event cannot be evaluated.
If, for example, the OnOpen property of a form is set to = [field], this error occurs because the execution of macros or event name is expected when the event occurs.

Although it works for me now (after removing ‘Skype Outlook Toolbar Add-in’) I would highly appreciate it if you could check that issue and maybe fix the problem with Skype Add-in, although I am fully aware that it could also be a ‘bug’ of Skype Add-in.

I am using Windows 7 Professional 64bit, Office 2010 Professional, Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate (German language versions).

Answer of 10Tec:

The problem you are describing was reported some time ago by another customer. It's definitely a bug in the add-in, and we can do nothing with it. Imagine the situation: an add-in designated for Outlook prevents other ActiveX controls from working properly in MS Access!!

By the way, you can report this issue on our forum, in the iGrid ActiveX section (, so other users will be aware of this strange issue.

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