This is a real showstopper. So i hope there is an easy fix.

I use win10, access 2016, iGrid 6.5

I use addcol to add headers and FillFromRS to fill the grid.
Even with large recordsets it all works fast.

However scrolling down using the mousewheel is a problem.
1.Scrolling stops after the second(?) page.
2.The scrollbar indicates that there should be movement.
3.Clicking on another control refreshes the grid and scrolling works again.
4.See 1.

What can i do to solve this problem?

The application will be rolled out using Access 2010. Will this pose a problem?

It's a strange issue we've never heard about before. Some questions that could help to understand the nature of the problem:

1) Can you record a short video that demonstrates the problem?

2) Did you try to reproduce the issue with another mouse and/or on another pc?

3) Does iGrid stop scrolling only with specific data or with any long recordset?

Regarding 3: If you can reproduce the problem with a dummy recordset, send us this database for the further consideration.