I've been using the ActiveX version of this control on an excel form for a while now and it's been great. All of a sudden it does not load when I launch the form. In VBA, the control is not visible, unless I click in the area where it is supposed to be and in that case, I can see the outline of the control (selected control border). I can also see all of the properties, but when focus shifts to something else, it is like the control was never there.

I have checked the references to ensure the 10Tec iGrid Control 6.5 is still there and checked (not Missing). I have even unchecked it and remapped the reference to the .ocx file, but it didn't help.

I can create a new form, select the iGrid control from the toolbox and draw it out on the form, but again, I just get a "got focus" outline on what otherwise looks like a blank form.

I've also restarted the PC, but nothing is helping. Any ideas?
Igor, thanks for the link. I did see that article and read through a bit of it before I posted, but it seemed unrelated and hopeless. Fortunately, I had the idea to create a brand new excel file, create a user form, put an iGrid control on there and it worked with no issues. I closed it and opened up the file I was having problems with and the controls loaded with the form just fine. I literally did nothing to fix the issue. I hope it doesn't continue to give me problems, but for now it seems to be ok, so I guess I'll leave it alone for now.
It looks like an issue in MS Excel but not a bug in iGrid. The iGrid OCX can't cause such a problem in the hosting platform. If so, I will change the post status from 'bug' to 'none' because of this - sure, if you don't mind.