Apologies if this has been asked before. I was thinking this would be extremely useful in situations where we need a robust internal grid that worked like iGrid. I currently use a Class that mimimics iGrid somewhat, but it lacks some features of iGrid, and since I'm using iGrid anyway, why not use iGrid?

I've tried various methods , but iGrid doesn't support it. Would it take quite a bit of effort to make this work?
AFAIK, ActiveX controls can be instantiated and used only through a visual host like a form. An idea: use an invisible form for that 😉 ?
We were wanting to use it in a multithreading situation and we use at least two of these "virtual grids" in each thread. With 50 threads, that's a lot of invisible forms opening. We do use invisible iGrids in the main app to manage the thread pool and other things however. Works very well in that way. We may end up using disconnected ADO recordsets instead then. Thank you!