Hi Igor

I've finished my legacy VB6 work with your amazing OCX. Recently upgraded to v6.50, build 0084 with ease using the updater utility. Now I've been sent to work on VB.NET projects and wish to upgrade from v3.0.42.0 to the current v6.00 build 0012. Other than delete and replace with the new grid on each form is there a neater way to achieve upgrading the grid on all forms in this project?

I look forward to your advice.


By the way, I am simply blown away by the OCX. Epic, simply epic work done on that. It is so versatile I managed, among other things, to nest a grid within a cell in another grid and implemented cell merge. You have provided such wonderful tools for those with the imagination and determination to achieve such feats.

Damn fine!


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To upgrade iGrid.NET to a newer version in your .NET solutions, it is enough to replace the references in your projects.

And thank you for your warm words. It's always pleasure to know that our products really help others 😉
Oh dear ......

Forgot to put my .NET hat on. Off to the liquor store to drown my shame.

Thanks Igor