Jürgen Dick
My initial situation is:

  • We have an ActiveX-control containing a VSFLexGrid in an really old version.

  • We used our ActiveX-control on a .NET-WinForm (not easy to get it inserted on a WinForm, but we could get it to work in older Visual Studio versions).

  • I want to replace the VSFlexGrid, because it is no longer possible to get my ActiveX-control inserted on a .NET-WinForm in newer Visual studio versions because of VSFlexGrid. The VSFlexGrid is not insertable alone on a .NET-Winform too.

  • We don't want to buy a new version of VSFlexGrid.

My questions:
  • Does anyone has any experience on inserting the ActiveX-version of iGrid on a .NET-Winform in the latest Visual Studio versions? Unfortunately the demo version of iGrid is not insertable on a .NET-Winform in VS2017 (15.9.5)

Thank you!

iGrid ActiveX is not intended for usage in the .NET environment. Use iGrid.NET instead, which is the native implementation of iGrid for the .NET Framework.
Jürgen Dick
This is no option for us. The datagrid is placed on an activex-control that is used in both environments: VB6 and .NET via Interop.