I'm having a problem getting the CellDynamicFormatting event to fire with any of my iGrid controls in my MS Access 2013 app. I'm using version 6.50.0063 of the ActiveX control.

Here is a snippet of code in case that matters, but the real issue appears to be that the control never fires the event at all. I can place a breakpoint at the beginning of this sub but it is never hit.

Private Sub iGridScheduledJobs_CellDynamicFormatting(ByVal lRow As Long, ByVal lCol As Long, ByVal vValue As Variant, oForeColor As Long, oBackColor As Long, oFont As Object)
    Dim grd As iGrid
    Set grd = Me.iGridScheduledJobs.Object
    With grd
        Select Case grd.ColHeaderText(lCol)
            Case "ACTUAL START"
                If vValue <> grd.CellValue(lRow, "START") Then
                    oForeColor = vbRed
                    oForeColor = vbGreen
                End If
            Case "POSSIBLE START"
                If vValue <> grd.CellValue(lRow, "START") Then
                    oForeColor = vbMagenta
                End If
            Case "COMPLETED"
                If vValue = "Yes" Then
                    oForeColor = vbCyan
                End If
            Case "CLOSED"
                oForeColor = vbBlue
        End Select
    End With
End Sub
I've figured this out. I was previously using a 6.0 release of the control and somewhere along the line on the way to the release I'm using now dynamic content events were turned off by default. You have to turn them on with the DynamicContentEvents property.
Yes, the dynamic formatting events are turned off by default in iGrid 6.5 to improve the iGrid performance and avoid flickering in some development environments (one of them is Microsoft Access). If you want to use one of these events, you need to enable them with the DynamicContentEvents property.