Does somebody can tell me -
How can i use iGrid on web page for add data into grid and send to server?
can i control this grid on page through javascript? VBScript?
iGrid can be used inside HTML pages like any other ActiveX control. Here is an example for iGrid v4.6 of how to add it to a webpage and populate with some data:


<h1>iGrid is below:</h1>

<object id="iGrid1" classid="clsid:26DB1BF5-0908-4FBD-B520-7DA76289966C" codebase="iGrid460_10Tec.ocx" width="300" height="200">

<!-- Initialize iGrid -->
<script language="VBScript">
iGrid1.DefaultRowHeight = 24
iGrid1.ColCount = 2
iGrid1.RowCount = 5
iGrid1.CellValue(1, 1) = "abc"


iGrid can be accessed from other code snippets (for instance, page or control event handlers) like in the sample above. We recommend that you use VBScript to access iGrid's members as iGrid is "native" for the classic VB/VBA environment.

Don't forget that not all browsers allow you to interact with ActiveX's on the webpages due to security reasons. The best choice for this scenario is IE – though you will need to confirm manually that you trust the used ActiveX control when the page is loaded.