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Henrik     2018-12-19T10:39:17Z
 ActiveX Grid Knowledge Base - Useful tips and recipes
Sticky  New PostsRegistering iGrid without admin rights
especially useful for Office-solutions that don't come with an installer

Oliver  2013-12-12T16:59:11Z

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Last Post by:Igor/10Tec   2020-01-15T15:49:16Z

Sticky  New PostsActiveX version iGrid7.0 - side by side assembly?
Using Side-by-Side execution (SxS) to make portable apps with iGrid

Tech99  2019-02-20T17:10:15Z

  • Replies: 5
  • Views: 166

Last Post by:Tech99   2019-02-23T16:43:27Z

Sticky  New PostsCan't view iGrid CHM
The contents of the iGrid CHM help isn't displayed

Igor/10Tec  2015-03-12T11:22:18Z

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Last Post by:Igor/10Tec   2015-03-12T11:22:18Z

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Last Post by:Oliver   2013-12-13T10:09:17Z

Sticky  New PostsPassing an iGrid to a sub/function in MS Office VBA

Rahul  2012-10-04T19:14:13Z

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Last Post by:Marc   2013-08-30T08:54:04Z

 New Postsigrid, escape key
escape key lost

ailtom  2018-02-14T13:41:11Z

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  • Views: 452

Last Post by:Igor/10Tec   2019-03-15T09:17:43Z

 New PostsE:'TEMP'iGrid v7 Methods Properties and Events.pdf
Alphabetical listing of methods, properties & events for quick lookup

Aask  2019-01-10T20:29:14Z

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  • Views: 175

Last Post by:Igor/10Tec   2019-01-11T14:40:57Z

 New PostsEditable text in Grid cells - Useful workarounds
Editable text in Grid cells can be made to work more consistently

dowdrake1  2016-11-14T18:22:19Z

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Last Post by:dowdrake1   2016-11-14T18:22:19Z

 New Postshow to detect editing
How can i detect if the igrid is editing some cell

ailtom  2015-06-23T12:53:13Z

  • Replies: 3
  • Views: 578

Last Post by:Igor/10Tec   2015-12-01T15:07:33Z

 New PostsHelp with RequestEdit Event
Unbound igrid With SQL Updates

Eric  2014-12-30T01:29:51Z

  • Replies: 2
  • Views: 909

Last Post by:Eric   2014-12-30T20:41:28Z

 New PostsSyntax for using RequestEditCurCell
What is syntax for using RequestEditCurCell

AlexD  2014-12-17T23:07:16Z

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  • Views: 771

Last Post by:Dan   2014-12-18T07:55:24Z

 New PostsiGrid ActiveX - Excel 2010 - Create 3 Equal Width Columns  +1
Get control size in pixels in MS Word/Excel VBA UserForms

Mark D.  2014-09-08T21:31:24Z

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  • Views: 1,158

Last Post by:Mark D.   2014-09-09T20:54:40Z

 New PostsGrouping By Combo Box Columns
Display combo box cell texts instead of their values in group rows

imohamed  2014-04-10T18:08:27Z

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Last Post by:Igor/10Tec   2014-04-11T08:25:22Z

 New PostsCombo box cells are empty after populating with FillFromRS
Proper usage of the vItemValue argument of the ComboObject.AddItem method for ADODB fields

Bruno Montalvan  2014-02-05T17:13:05Z

  • Replies: 8
  • Views: 2,597

Last Post by:Bruno Montalvan   2014-02-10T13:17:04Z

 New PostsSwitch between tree view and flat view
Can I easily switch between hierarchical and flat view and sort the grid according to its view?

Marc  2013-03-21T10:43:08Z

  • Replies: 2
  • Views: 2,886

Last Post by:Marc   2013-03-22T17:06:44Z
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