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especially useful for Office-solutions that don't come with an installer

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Using Side-by-Side execution (SxS) to make portable apps with iGrid
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Sticky New Posts Can't view iGrid CHM03,585
The contents of the iGrid CHM help isn't displayed

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Object variable or with block variable not set
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error opening userform with activex
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escape key lost

New Posts E:'TEMP'iGrid v7 Methods Properties and Events.pdf1607
Alphabetical listing of methods, properties & events for quick lookup

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Editable text in Grid cells can be made to work more consistently

New Posts how to detect editing3847
How can i detect if the igrid is editing some cell

New Posts Help with RequestEdit Event21,187
Unbound igrid With SQL Updates
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New Posts Syntax for using RequestEditCurCell11,044
What is syntax for using RequestEditCurCell
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Get control size in pixels in MS Word/Excel VBA UserForms
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