I found myself needing a tool to automate the process of upgrading grids in MS Access. In one project I had 105 grids.

Since there was no such tool I wrote my own.

  Upgrade iGrid 7.0.zip (46kb) downloaded 100 time(s).

Instructions are found in the form UpgradeAllGrids. You can use this form to upgrade to other versions than 7.0 which is the default at the moment.

Hope someone will find this useful.

Happy coding everyone!

If you want to open the form in the attached db you need to make sure that there is a valid reference to iGrid 7.0 in the VBA-editor.

There is no reference set at the moment because we all may have installed the OCX in different places.

If you just import the upgrade form to your db that you want to upgrade everything should be fine (as long as you have iGrid 7.0 installed and referenced).

Attaching a screenshot of the upgrade form.

Upgrade form.PNG

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