I've been using iGrid for over 4 years now and really like the component - in short, it really is the better one out there. However, the documentation is lacking and needs improvement. I looked up CurRowChangeRequest and there's not a whole lot on it or any examples in the C# sample source. I'd like to cancel the row change event entire based on some business logic of mine - how may I do that? I see how to capture the requested new row but don't see how to supress the event.


-Paul Smietan
Paul, to say it correctly, you do not suppress the event, but you cancel the action this event is related to (current row change).

Many of the iGrid events has the DoDefault parameter you canuse to prohibit the action related to the event, and CurRowChangeRequest is not an exclusion. Here is a sample that demonstrates how to limit the ability to select any rows of iGrid except the first two ones:

void iGrid1_CurRowChangeRequest(object sender, iGCurRowChangeRequestEventArgs e)
  if (e.RowIndex > 1)
    e.DoDefault = false;