I have a column defined as contents with checkbox. There is a on CellClick event handler. Sometimes when I click on the checkbox the state does not toggle. In the event handler, I do much work in terms of refreshing other grids but many times the checkbox does not change state.


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If you use the default settings, first you need to select a cell with check box to change its state with the subsequent click. If you want to change the check box state when the user clicks such a cell, enable single-click edit:
With iGrid1
   .Cols.Count = 5
   .Rows.Count = 10
   With .Cols(2).CellStyle
      .Type = iGCellType.Check
      .SingleClickEdit = iGBool.True
   End With
End With
Can you confirm when the event CellClick is raised when a checkbox? Is this after or before the state has been changed? I think it is before - is there an event after it has changed?