Has anyone a VB6 code sample how to do winamp-style dragging with childnodes?
I want to change the order of one or more nodes wich contain several childnodes (and these childnodes may also contain other childnodes)
Is it possible to manage this with iGrid? And how 😉
Thanks in advance, Thommmy
I bet the Winamp-style dragging sample 10Tec has for normal grids could be easily modified to work with parent/child nodes. I'm in the middle of a lot right now or I'd try making a quick sample. 😞 But maybe Igor at 10Tec could do one real quick and include it in the current Winamp-style example on 10Tec's site. Igor? 🙂
That's enough easy to modify the existing example to suit these needs.
If we understand your task right, you need to grab one row (tree node) and drag it with all nested rows.
Before the rows are dragged, you just need to select all rows you should drag.
You can know what rows should be selected using the RowLastNested property for the top-level dragged node.
The most interesting issue is whether the dragged tree node can be dropped at a new place (whether the tree nodes can change their hierarchy), but you should decide that depending on the logic of your app. In any case, if you have any troubles with implementing your solution, you are welcome to contact our tech support!
Okay, thats a goot hint and I think i'll select all child-nodes of a clicked parent-node. thats not too difficult 😉 thank u all!
The most interesting problem is regardless of whether the dragged tree node may be dropped at a brand name new place, but you must determine that depending near to the logic of your app. In any case, for those who have any troubles with implementing your solution, you are welcome to make contact with our tech support!