Whenever the currently selected cell changes, the iGrid tries to scroll the grid so that it appears on the screen. But this is not ideal if RowMode = true. Is there a way to turn this behavior off? In addition, our clients don't like that clicking on a group row causes the grid to scroll to the RowTextStartColNear column. A way to also suppress this would be great.
In both cases, this is the default behavior the vast majority of all users who use grids like. It is good if the cell becomes fully visible automatically if you select it, and that's why there is nor property you can configure this option in iGrid.NET.

However, this does not mean it won't be available in the next versions of iGrid.NET. Can you send us some screenshots of your grid and tell us why this behavior is so important for you? We can discuss this functionality and implement this enhancement in the next release of iGrid.NET.
I had the wrong email address assigned to my account, which is why this response is so late. Anyhow...

Each of these scenarios is only an issue with the RowTextStartColNear property is set to a non-zero value.

Auto-scrolling the iGrid when a cell is clicked makes perfect sense in most cases. But where it doesn't make sense (to me anyway) is when row mode is turned on. The entire row is highlighted, meaning the cells themselves are less important. When we demo products using the iGrid where RowMode = true and we select another row by clicking the row text cell that causes the grid to scroll to the right, we are forced each time to manually scroll back to the left in order to see non row text cells again. My bosses grumble about this every time they see it but I have yet to find a solid way to prevent it.

The first issue has to do with the RowText cell:

  • Set the iGrid RowMode and RowTextVisible properties to true.
  • Set the RowTextStartColNear to a non-zero value.
  • Add several rows to an iGrid.
  • Click on the row text cell of any row; the grid auto scrolls to the right, left aligning the RowTextStartColNear column index.

The bigger issue to me though is the row text cell causing the same scrolling, especially when dealing with grouped rows. Here's the scenario:

  • Set the iGrid RowMode property to true.
  • Set the RowTextStartColNear to a non-zero value.
  • Add several rows to an iGrid, and group them by a specific column.
  • Click one of the group rows; the grid auto scrolls to the right, left aligning the RowTextStartColNear column index.

This is where a true/false property would be useful; we could turn off some kind of EnsureCellIsVisible property for the above 2 cases if desired.

Thanks for you time.
Ok, then it's a signal for us to implement this property in the future releases of iGrid.
iGrid.NET 4.6 with this functionality was released - see the new EnsureVisibleAutoHScroll and EnsureVisibleAutoVScroll properties.

If you select a cell which is partially visible or completely outside of the viewport of iGrid, by default iGrid scrolls its contents automatically to display this cell in its viewport. These properties specify whether to scroll the grid automatically in the horizontal or vertical direction respectively to display the current cell without clipping in this case.

The default value for both properties is True. Using these two properties, you can prevent iGrid from automatic horizontal and/or vertical scrolling separately in this case. To do that, set the corresponding property to False.