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Hello together,
i have a question:
my iGrid is setup like this:
selection mode: multiextended
RowSelectionInCellMode: multiple rows
RowHeaders: visible = true

When i now select some rows (f.e. with STRG + click) and then right click on any row header row the selection is gone.
But if i right click in any cell the selection of the rows stays.

what i want is that only left mouse click can change row selection and right click does noet.
Background is that i want to open a mouse context menu with right click and therefor the row selection should not change.

How do i have to setup my iGrid or do i have to handle an event?

best regards
This can be easily implemented with the

private void iGrid1_RowHdrMouseUp(object sender, iGRowHdrMouseUpEventArgs e)
   if (e.Button == MouseButtons.Right)
      e.DoDefault = false;
      // Display your context menu

BTW, do you think the selection must be changed only when the left mouse button is clicked - at least, by default? We could change this behavior in the future updates of iGrid.
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Hey Igor,
thanks for the quick feedback.

for me default should be to select rows with left mouse click only, yes