Ron Brown
while editing a cell, I have a popup list that filters on the content the user is entering into the cell.

My dilemma is that I cannot read/access the content the user is entering until it is committed...hence my popup does not populate the filtered content.

Is there a way to get the cell content before committing? (as the user is entering the data?)


(NOTE: the TextBoxTextChanged event fires while typing, but there is no way to get the data...)

Ron Brown
Ron Brown
After much reading and looking at your examples I come to the conclusion that a custom edit textbox overlay is the answer.
I implemented this and it works fine...

but in the future, an eventargument with NewText like beforeCommitEdit would be very useful in keyUp,KeyDown,keyPress and TextBoxTextChanged events.


Ron Brown
The iGrid.TextBox object property of the iGTextBox type represents the default cell text editor. Its Text property is used to retrieve the current text entered by the user, so what you need is iGrid.TextBox.Text.

From the other point of view, if we understand your task properly, you are implementing the classic auto-complete text editing. Maybe, you have some specific requirements, but the built-in iGrid drop-down lists can be also used for that. Look at the 'Cell Text Auto-Complete' sample in the main demo.