Kiran Angara
Hello Igor,

"Populate RowTextCol from recordset" this topic is old post in the forum.

I tried your suggestion as mentioned below. But could not get the output.

"No, FillFromRS can do that. To use it in this mode, create the required column set with the column keys corresponding the fields of your recordset. Note that you need to specify the corresponding field for the row text column with the ColKey property. After that, when you call FillFromRS, it will map the recordset fields to your columns according to the specified column keys."

With .ColDefaultCell(.RowTextCol)
.oForeColor = vbBlue
.btIndentLeft = 10
.oBackColor = vbInfoBackground
End With
.ColKey(.RowTextCol) = "RowTextMsg"

Use FillFromRS method to populate rows.

If possible could you please provide an example.

Please Advise.

Thank you.
At first sight, you are going the right way. Can you send us a sample that demonstrates the problem? What version of iGrid are you using?
Kiran Angara
I am using version 6.5
Ok. Waiting for the sample.
Kiran Angara
Hello Igor,

I attached the code for your kind perusal.
Please go through the code and give your valuable suggestions.

  RowText.txt (10kb) downloaded 30 time(s).

First, I asked for a sample I can launch on my pc. It's hard to say what is wrong if I can't reproduce the problem.

Second, I examined your source code and couldn't find a place in whihc you set the key for the row text column. Can you explain it?