Dear All,

I've found a bug in iGrid. I have been set the grid to ReadOnly Cell using statement '.Cols.CellStyle.ReadOnly = iGBool.True'. But when I Selected cell(s) of grid then I pressed 'Delete' on the keyboard, all things in the content of grid can be deleted. Please fix this bug! Thank you.

Best Regard,
First, the '.Cols.CellStyle.ReadOnly = iGBool.True' is not a correct syntax. The Cols property of iGrid returns the collection of column objects, but this collection does not have the CellStyle property. Most likely, you mean a particular column like this:

iGrid1.Cols[0].CellStyle.ReadOnly = iGBool.True;

Second, the functionality of the DELETE key is not incorporated into iGrid. If your grid clears the contents of the current cell in a read-only column when you press DELETE, then an event handler in your code does this by changing the cell value directly and we can do nothing with that. If you can reproduce the problem in a brand new solution, send it to us for the further consideration.