Good day

I use SGrid2 in my projects, but unfortunately the Runtime Error 0 is causing problems.

Do you have a fix for this?


How compatible is iGrid as a 'drop in' replacement

Thank you
We do not fix the bugs in the original SGrid control.

Our iGrid can be considered as a replacement for SGrid (many customers already did that), but iGrid has its own ideology so you may need to change more code than you think. For instance, iGrid cell values are Variants but not Strings, and to set cell values you need to use the CellValue property instead of CellText - though this opens more capabilities for you.

To find out more, read our related article:


In any case, you can try to replace SGrid in your code with iGrid and contact our support service if you have any questions.

BTW, our OCX Updater tool  can help you to replace one OCX with another in your VB6 projects.
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