Ok, first off this is an unsolicited post, I am no way connected with 10TEC other than as a user of their products

I had been using the lovely vbAccelerator SGRID2 for a number of years when I started to get issues, specifically Runtime Error 0. It would appear this error is caused by some sort of memory leak as it only appears if you load a project with SGRID2 in it more than 500 or so times.

After much research I found iGRID from 10Tec.

The grid is very much a replacement for SGRID2, some of the calls need reprogramming but apart from that it is a very nice replacement, with no issues discovered so far

The support I receive from the company, specifically Igor is excellent. all questions answered fully and promptly

thank you 10Tec for a great product and getting me out of a big hole