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Hi Igor,

I currently do not have access to the method "RequestEdit". I do have access to method "RequestEditCurCell". From the documentation I have, the "RequestEdit" has a number of arguments:

ByVal lRow As Long, ByVal lCol As Long, _
ByVal iKeyAscii As Integer, bCancel As Boolean, _
sText As String, lMaxLength As Long)

For the "RequestEditCurCell", I am only seeing the following argument:

iGrid1.RequestEditCurCell(lCharCode as long)

Can you let me know how lCharCode can be used to set parms such as bCancel, sText, and lMaxLength. Thanks!

RequestEdit isn't a method, it's an event that is called when a cell is put into edit mode.

From the documentation RequestEditCurCell method simulates a double click or keypress to trigger iGrid putting the current cell into edit mode. You should just be able to call it without a lCharCode value and it will simulate a double-click, and will fire the RequestEdit event where you then have access to the all the event parameters.