Greg B
Currently when I am on the last column of a row and press the Tab key it goes off the grid and when I check the event CurCellChanged I see it is set to column index -1. I am then required to press Tab a second time before it puts focus on the first column of the following row.

Is this the normal behavior for iGrid or a bug? I would like for it to put focus on the first column of the following row on the very first Tab press and plan to override the current behavior. But before doing that I wanted to make sure it was the standard behavior and not some bug. I don't remember having this issue in iGrid 2.5, but now that I upgraded to 4.6 I am running into this issue.

Greg B
This seems to be the same behavior when you press the END key. It goes to column -1 instead of the last column on the row.
This glitch was fixed in the latest build 4.6.20.
Greg B
Ah thank you!