Ingo Gerhold
I have a grid with ~30 columns on which I want to apply a Filter.
This Filter is only for one column, and it should filter for cells containing various words.
I added 6 "contains" with one word each and saved the grid Filter. After restoring the grid Filter, only 3 Filters where left.
Is there a limit of combined custom filters?
One of the key features of our product is that it lets you work with an unlimited number of custom conditions. If you found a situation in which this does not work, can you send us a sample demonstrating the problem and a couple of accompanying screenshots?

Please, don't include the executable contents (bin/obj subfolders) and the hidden .vs folder into the project archive.
Ingo Gerhold
Thx for getting back to me. I try to "rebuild" the scenario what led to this behaviour. I will get back either with "no issue" or a detailed procedure.