I don't know if you're available in these times, with this fool's war.
We use your activeX grid, it works perfectly well for a long time.
We migrate from V5 to V6 in 2017.

I have this issue sometimes
On a form where there are grills from time to time when I go into creation mode I have this alert message which is not the same as in a post.
Does version 7.5 fix this problem?

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Yes, we are working amid this terrifying situation in the whole country and do our best to support our customers.

The problem you reported is a general problem not related to a specific version of iGrid. Actually, this problem can occur for any ActiveX control. You can google "the expression you entered" problem and find many mentions on the Internet.

As I remember, one of the cases when it may occur is when you use specific non-English characters in code modules. If you move such a database from one pc to another with another locale settings, the problem may appear. Can this be applied to your situation?

In any case courage, all the French people are with your people, I hope that the politicians will not let this madman continue.

For the problem I will look on the character side, I am using 46 grids in this access application and this is only happening on one form.
I have 2 grids in this form and both border styles set to "Transparent"

The setup of the 46 grids is globalized with a function, all the grids are initialized with the same parameters.
Maybe I'll redo the form or sometimes I have event code lying around.
The client does not see the error, it is not critical.

If I migrate from V6.00 to V7.5, what are the important points?
Knowing that I've never had a grid crash since V5, no problem, perfect.

Does setting the border style to another value eliminate the problem? If not, try to recreate the form.

Regarding upgrade. I do not think the problem is related to the iGrid version, but all can happen in this world. You can download the demo of the latest iGrid (v7.5) and try.

As for the amount of work to upgrade your code to the latest iGrid version, this depends on what iGrid features are exploited. The comprehensive What's New documents will help you to understand what should be changed: