Rob Down Under
OOPs I THINK I FOUND THEM (I am getting old (between 70 - 80)

There used to be sample VB6 projects that we could download.
I cannot find them on the site.

PS When I explored the iGrid some years ago, there was no inbuilt printing ability.
I assume there is still no printing.
Thus I was looking for the downloads, so I could explore the example for exporting the grid to Excel (we can then print from there).
But I would additionally like to peruse the other examples that used to be downloadable
When you install the iGrid demo  from the Download section , you get the full source code of the demo in VB6 and a set of VBA samples for MS Word/Excel/Access.

Another good source of examples with full source code is the online library of extra sample for iGrid ActiveX: 

It contains 2 samples that can help you to implement the printing functionality: 'iGrid direct printing' and 'Export to Excel'.