I realise that this is not strictly an iGrid issue, but am hoping I might get some help anyway.

I am trying to get to grips with how iGrid works in a VBA environment and am having problems with converting presumably VB6 generated code to VBA. VB generates the code that defines (amongst other things) the combobox object. How do I go about replicating this in VBA?

My ultimate objective is to have a grid on a VBA userform, and for that grid to contain textboxes, comboboxes and a simple user defined object.
We support only 10Tec products on this forum. Are we talking about implementing combo box cells inside iGrid? We have a good topic related to using combo box cells in iGrid in the CHM help file. See the Using Combo Box Cells topic in Programmer's Guide\Programming Basics\Editing Cells section.

You can also post a screenshot of the app you are trying to recreate in VBA on this forum to help us to understand your needs better.

I am trying to build a Financial Modelling and Control system based of a series of Excel spreadsheets and an Access database. My intent is to use iGrid on an userform defined by the VBA IDE. This form including the iGrid will be a form on which users will enter expenditures, income and misc journal entries. My application is a redevelopment of an earlier version which I developed using Open Office software. In that implementation the forms I hope to recreate with use of iGrid are designed as a number of spreadsheets on which I superimposed textboxes over cells to achieve, in a much less sophisticated way, some of the facilities you have provided with iGrid.

Maybe its my age (76) or advancing Alzheimers that is causing my difficulty. My major issue at the moment is to understand how to construct a grid which contains cells with comboboxes (exactly as in the ExtCtrl_ComboBox Sample) - only built with the VBA IDE rather than VB6.

Your response refers to a "Combo Box Cells topic in Programmer's Guide\Programming Basics\Editing Cells section". What Programmer's Guide is this referring to? My issue is not with Basic Programming but rather - How do I construct the comboboxes in VBA that I can use with code such as that in the ExtCtrl_Combobox sample.

What I've tried to date (with no success) is dragging a combobox from the toolbox onto the same form that contains the iGrid and then using the ExtCtrl_Combobox code (with modifications) to create the iGrid containing comboboxes. But this didn't work. Please understand that at this time this is a training exercise. I am simply trying to run the extCtrl_Combobox sample in a VBA environment.

  felixGrid.xlsm (20kb) downloaded 37 time(s).
I haven't been able to get the external Combobox sample working in a VBA environment, so I've created my own example and am almost there. The attached is a .xlsm file which defines my sample. Basically I've created comboboxes and added them to a userform. I then try to move them (as did your sample) over a cell on the grid. This would all work if only I could get the comboboxes to sit in front of the grid instead of behind it.

Using the zOrder property of controls I can place the comboboxes either in front of or behind other controls (such as the command buttons) but can find no way of placing them in front of (on top of) the grid control. Is there any way of doing this?
A screen of the application you want to reimplement would help us a lot. Can you publish it here?

If you want to allow your users to enter values into iGrid cells using drop-down lists (i.e. combo box cells), then using external combo box controls and placing them over the corresponding iGrid cells is definitely a wrong way. iGrid provides you with the built-in ability to use drop-down lists in its cell without external controls. Here is an example from the help topic I mentioned:

With iGrid1.Combos.Add("align")
   .AddItem sItemText:="Left-aligned", vItemValue:="L"
   .AddItem sItemText:="Centered", vItemValue:="C"
   .AddItem sItemText:="Right-aligned", vItemValue:="R"
   .AddItem sItemText:="Justified", vItemValue:="J"

End With

iGrid1.CellType(1, 2) = igCellCombo
iGrid1.CellCtrlKey(1, 2) = "align"

In the code above, we create a drop-down list with 4 items one can use to specify horizontal alignment for text and attach this drop-down list to the second cell in the fist row of iGrid. No more code and external controls are required!

You can find this topic in the iGrid help file redistributed with the iGrid demo. You can also download this help file as a standalone CHM file from the Download  page. For your convenience, below is the direct link to download the help file for the current version of iGrid (6.5): 

Don't forget to unblock this file downloaded from the Internet to view its contents as it is described in this forum topic:

Can't view iGrid CHM 

Feel free to ask us - we'll try to help you more.

Thanks for your response and your forbearance. I don't know how but I missed the help download on your website - I'll put it down to senility. Hopefully things will now be much clearer.