Parikshit Katikar

Here is an issue description.

I have a grid with some rows and columns. Now what i was trying is that setting border color to specific cells within that grid.
we can set this border color by setting FrozenRows and its RowsEdge property. But eventually, it will make that particular area frozen which I do not want.
For example: below image is having red line between but that is set by setting FrozenRows and its RowsEdge property which I do not want.

Frozen Area

My requirement is to set border color for specific cells / rows / columns without grouping them into one.
Thanks in advance. Please suggest your replies.

Parikshit K.
It seems you are asking about iGrid for .NET - iGrid ActiveX does not have the FrozenArea.RowsEdge property. This forum section is dedicated to the ActiveX version of iGrid. Do you want us to move this post into the corresponding section?

If you asked about iGrid.NET, here is one of the possible solutions discussed on this forum:

How to add horizontal border color 
Parikshit Katikar
Thanks for your reply and a valuable suggestion.
Could you please move this post to respective section?

Also I have tried link which you posted in your reply. But thing is there we are drawing line with help of Paint event (CustomDrawCellBackground / CustomDrawCellForeground).
I am looking for a solution where we can draw border line with different color for specific set of cells without using painting event & graphics object explicitly.

Parikshit K.
You can do that only with the help of custom drawing in the current version of iGrid.NET.