Is it possible to provide text in the Header section above the row headers?
The current version of iGrid does not provide you with any tool you can use to place custom content in that area.

Perhaps, we need to think about enhancing the iGrid object model to allow the developers to draw custom contents in that row header area's header and in the extra header area as well with the help of the existing CustomDrawColHdrBackground/CustomDrawColHdrForeground events. The idea is to provide these events with the e.Kind event parameter of the iGColHdrKind type as we do that in the header action events like ColHdrClick. Another approach is to implement new dedicated events CustomDrawRowHdrHdrBackground/CustomDrawRowHdrHdrForeground.

What do you think? How are you going to use this feature?
Well, in my app, it would say "#" to indicate which load number the row is displaying. Seems like all the other columns can have header captions, so should this one.
Thanks for listening.