Hello together,
i want to Print my colored grid with iGPrintManager.
I colored the Rows of my grid with setting the rows(i).backcolor in condition of the vales in the Grid, (Green, red...)
I have an color Laser Printer.
I set the igPM.Document.DefaultPageSettings.Color on True
then i call the .printPreview, but thre is no color?
where did i go wrong?
If possible with a little snippet.
thank you Thomas
Do you want to say that you do not see your colored rows/cells even in the print-preview, not only on the paper? Is it a grayscale image, or you do not see colors at all?
hello if i understand the question right, yes the Print preview is gray scale and not colored.
Strange... Can it be a setting in the printer options in the Windows OS itself that prevents colored drawing?

Check also the PrintingStyle property of PrintManager. It should be set to ScreenView.

If this does not help, try to play with other option of PrintManager.

And do you have this problem only in one project, or you can reproduce it in any new project?
The only way for me is to check this with ms excel. If do the following, color some cells and klick on print i get
an colored preview.(it the same Printer(pdfCreator) as with iGPrintManager) Then sheet looks as used in the sheet(with color).

This is the first Project with more using iGprinManager because i create an universal grid window that can be used with the base functions all the time.
to have much flexibilty. I insert here also your tools for printing in then Grid window. I use i t much projects. it Works very fine.
Thank you for help Igor, reagards Thomas