Andrew Price

When I display my document using PrintPreviewControl or print it using iGPrintManager.Print a window appears displaying 'printing page 1 of 1'.

Is there a way to disable this?

If you want to print without printing progress dialog, add this line in initialization:

fPrintManager.Document.PrintController = new StandardPrintController();

This will disable that dialog in case of Print
Andrew Price
Thanks, that sorted it when using print preview, but when printing directly it still appeared.

On searching into this some people stated you have to use SendMessage API to close the window, but this did not work and I believe they intercept that now and ignore it.

However, I did manage to remove it by using a background worker process (started just before calling print) which looped around looking for the 'Generating Previews' window, then moved it off screen and closed the background worker.

Its not ideal but it works for me!

Great, that window is not a part of IGrid and is shown by Net or by Windows, so it's good that you solved the issue