I have several programs written in VB6, I'm implementing igrid activex with great satisfaction (it's really a bomb).

What I wonder is whether it is possible to have print/preview even with ActiveX.
ActiveX is an alternative to .NET control, right? Excuse me, but i'm rather clumsy!

thanks for the answers.
It depends on how you want to print. You can either read the data out of the grid and send it to something like a DataReport, or use Printer.Print statements to write it to the printer object. Or you could use something like the BitBlt API to copy the iGrid control, or entire VB app interface, as a bitmap and print that. Either way you're going to have to figure out what you want printed and how you want it laid out, as the iGrid ActiveX control doesn't have a print manager like the add-on for the .NET version.  the second one includes code to print the grid contents directly to a printer by looping through the data and sending it to the printer page by page.