I am using iGrid 6.50.0068

I have a grid with 30 columns of which 20 are visible on the screen.
I set the iGrid.Browseallnonfrozencols = true
I set iGrid.Frozencols = 1
I set iGrid.FrozenColsEdgeWidth = 3
I set iGrid.header.usexpstyles = false

** New information. This only happens if Column 2 is not visible (iGrid.colVisible(2) = false

It appears that when I scroll the grid to the right, column 3 gets hidden behind column 1.

When I build the grid I can see all columns (except for column 3 which is hidden).
Using the keyboard I key right across the grid and Column 1 stays frozen.
When I key left back to towards columns 1, the grid uncovers up to column 3.
When I key left from column 4, the cell highlight disappears (column 3 is not visible).
On the next key left, column 1 is highlighted (still no column 3).
If I right key out of column 1, the highlight disappears (to the invisible column 3) and on the next key right, column 4 is highlighted.

If I move the scroll bar to the left, column 3 reappears and I can key into and out of it until I scroll again.

If I key right to the last column and key right to wrap around, Column 1 is highlighted with the second column being column 10.
When I key right out of column 1 column 3 is moved to the second column space and the highlighted cell disappears to the invisible column 3).

Thank you

Laurie Borlase
Can you send us a sample to reproduce the problem and some accompanying screenshots?
The new version 6.50.0073 fixed this issue.

Thank you Igor for a prompt resolution.

This is a great product.