Hallo together,
i have a function that formats the grid for me.
the grid has 6 columns.
the grid is on a form that is opend with .showdialog
If i call the function for the first time the
windows is opend an the Grid is filled with data and the format is as wished, everything fine.
i close this windows and open it again.
The same grid the same function at the second time
my first row has after the .cols(0).autowidth() call the
width=1 I run this in the debugger to see if my code is wrong, the same.
in the pictures that i send you you can see i try to call the .autowidth for this cell but it gives me
always width = 1. I tested if thers is data in the col, yes it is(one of the pictures)
Can anybody help me, i tryed about 4 hours to get this fixed.

Now i tested the same code with an non modal window it works fine
But i need to use the window in modal mode.

regards Thomas


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It's hard to say what is wrong without a demo project. Can you prepare and send us one?