Kiran Angara

Suddenly the iGrid starts showing as UNREGISTERED VERSION. I tried to unregister and register again but still the same.
please advice.

Thank You.
The fact is that you must register any ActiveX control in the Windows registry before you can use it in your apps, and the corresponding registry keys determine the OCX file containing the ActiveX control you instantiate. If iGrid reports it is unregistered, in the vast majority of cases this means that you have several copies of the iGrid OCX in your system, and one of them is the demo version registered in the registry and used in your app.

To solve the problem, find all duplicates of the iGrid OCX file (iGrid650_10Tec.ocx for the v6.5) and remove them all. Then unpack the full version of the OCX from the archive you got after you had purchased the control and register this OCX in the Windows registry. You can do it using the regsvr32 utility from the OS, or the Components dialog in VB, or whatever tool you generally use to register ActiveX controls in your system.

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