Kiran Angara

How to add a row in between other rows using iGrid popup ?
Could you please give any idea or example.
<- Add Row

Thank You.
Is it a question about adding custom items to the built-in iGrid context menus or the iGrid method to insert new rows in the middle of the grid (or both)?

You can define custom context menu items with the ContextMenuCustomItems property of iGrid. For example, the following code adds 3 custom menu items to the default cell context menu:

With iGrid1.ContextMenuCustomItems(igContextMenuCell)
   .Add "Custom Item 1"
   .Add "Custom Item 2", False
   .Add "Custom Item 3", , True
End With

There is a topic titled 'Customizing Context Menus' in the help file that explain in details this technique.

As for inserting rows, you can do that with the AddRow method if you specify the row to insert before with the optional vRowBefore parameter.